the home of a puppy raiser.

When I'm scrolling through the HOME section of Pinterest I rarely see one that resembles the apartment where my husband and I reside. Usually they are much larger, more open and have very little "stuff" sitting around the house. Another striking difference is that very rarely do you see the many items that being a devout puppy raiser bring to a home. Listed below are the items my home as a puppy raiser could not be without:

1. A wonderful vacuum that is capable of removing the copious amounts of dog hair that reside on and in my carpet.

2. A very nice L.L. Bean Lifetime guaranteed dog bed that is complete with a waterproof liner so that when it comes time for tiny puppy time it will not be ruined.

3. Way too many dog toys for one dog to possibly play with. Many of these toys were loved by past puppies but are only tolerated by Mr. Fitz.

4. A huge wire kennel that could fit a full size labrador that sits in the middle of my living room because it is the only place it would fit.

Quite the decorative piece.

The love of puppy raising is hugely addicting and worth every sacrifice we make to the decorations of our house :)


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