Puppy Class Graduate!

Fitz is the first puppy I have ever taken to a puppy kindergarten class and it really set the bar high. It was a 6 week class and we learned how to go basic grooming (easy for me), walking on a loose leave, bi-heel (CCI-HEEL), Free dog (CCI-RELEASE), calm introductions, sit stays and the down command. It was most definitely the best puppy class I have ever experienced. To top it all off I got to take it with two other puppy raisers. The three pups in the class are only two days different age. In the class was Devlin, Derby (Siblings) and Fitz. They all did great and are now enrolled in the novice obedience class. We had out first meeting last week and Fitz did very well!

I am looking forward to perfecting his commands!


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