6 months.

6 Facts about Mr. Fitz in honor of him being 6 months!

1. He is very confident and fearless, much appreciated on public outings.
2. He jumps vertically up in the air after being let out in the morning because he is so ready to eat.
3. Playing fetch with a rope is his absolute favorite game.
4. He can literally "HURRY" anywhere. Cement, Gravel, Grass, Sidewalk. Easy.
5. He follows me everywhere I go in the house and I can always find him at my feet.
6. At school in the morning while we have out morning meeting Fitz does not have a bed in there but he makes do and will lay on top of my bag or a pile of T-shirts if necessary.

6 months. 54 pounds. Such a handsome full lab boy.

A little fun comparison. Mr. Marvel at the same age.


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