new phase.

The day a puppy raiser turns in their puppy for advanced training can be a hard one. You have had that puppy for a year and a half and so much has happened in life over that amount of time. When I got Marvel I had just gotten married and since then we have moved twice and I have had 3 different jobs. It is amazing how much things change over a year and a half.

Turn in day was good. It is such a good experience to have a well behaved dog at turn in who is not distracted and is just solid in his behavior. Marvel was exemplary the entire day. Putting him in his kennel was sad, but I knew it was the first step to him becoming someone's independence.


  1. Aww, good boy Marvel! :) Hey I don't know if you remember me but I raised Penelope, Beto, and Brianna for CCI, way back when, and now have a question about how you work with the puppies in school. . . could you send me an email? :) Thanks!


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