teaching year 1 recap

My first full year as a teacher has come to a close and it is shocking that it is already over. I feel like I learned so much about teaching and I have most definitely grown into a more confident teacher. I have built such awesome relationships with students and even learned how to do tasks such as drywalling, who would have thought! Here are my top lesson's learned from my first year as a teacher.

1. Building relationships with students makes everything easier. Discipline, motivation, goal-setting

2. Work alongside them. Them seeing me as a team-mate really helped them achieve more with their academics.

3. Celebrate the small victories. One quiz done: SCORE, One credit done: CELEBRATE, Diploma earned: PATRY!

My wonderful teaching teammate Marvel did awesome this year and really blossomed into a great dog and contributed so much to our school. I know the students are going to miss him a lot.


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