Look at this cute grumpy face. 

I am so ready to pick up baby Fitz! I can hardly stand it! There are many things you have to do to prepare for a puppy and some of those things have not been done because life is crazy for the Dodge's lately. Since we are in the process of moving, the house is minimally puppy proof. I'll pick stuff up off the ground but it will not be to my usual standards. Also, Nolan and I will be visiting his family and my family following picking him up so I'll need to puppy proof their houses. Alas, I'll get it there. 

Other than the puppy-proofing, I am 100% ready. Fitz will fly into the airport in his kennel (which will be thoroughly cleaned following his long flight) and then I have a "school" kennel for him too! I got him an adorable orange and blue polka-dot collar and his little tag is dangling off. The lupine puppy leash is all ready for a new set of teeth (those things are replaced even if chewed!). The baby cape and blue gentle leader are ready for training and a black gentle leader is on-route (I personally like matching gentle leaders to fur color). I am weak and bought MORE dog toys. A big bag of puppy kibble is sitting at home with a bowl to go with it. Nolan found a cute bears blanket to go in his kennel and Marvel has agreed to share his bed. I even signed up for puppy kindergarten! I.AM.SO.READY.


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