Everyone enters into marriage with certain ideas and expectations about what it will be like, or at least I certainly did. Obviously not everything I thought is true(which is probably a good thing) but there are so many wonderful parts of being married! Things I love:

1. Talking: Nolan and I talk all the time about so many different things. Politics, relationships, Christianity, current events.

2. Cooking: I actually LOVE cooking for Nolan and others who wander in.

3. Friend: Nolan is a pretty stellar friend and I love his company.

4. New Family: I gained some adorable nieces in this marriage equation. 

5. Adventures: I love that we can go on little adventures together but also go on the big ones (like moving to Indy) and venture BOLDLY! 

I'm pretty lucky because a husband like Nolan (and God of course) is what makes this thing called marriage work so well for us. Here is to many more years together 😄


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