up to the challenge.

I got a degree in Elementary education. I imagined myself teaching cute little 1st graders. I would have never imagined that I would be doing what I am doing right now. The school where I teach was created to be a place where students who had problems at public school could come and finish their high school education. We teach 40 students each day with only 3 teachers. We are the teachers, guidance counselors, disciplinarians, and secretaries for our particular school. It is a very large job and can be stressful at times. Even though sometimes the students frustrate me, I still really enjoy the job and am very excited for the opportunity. I have built close relationships with many of my students and look forward to the next quarter. My school just finished quarter 1 and we have a two week break. I am really excited for this break and I look forward to hanging out with friends.

Even though I teach high school, sometimes we go back to first grade techniques. #BathroomPasses


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