spring has arrived.

Thankfully springtime has finally arrived and Marvel, Nolan & I are enjoying it very much! It has been great to go on walks, play at the park and just sit outside and enjoy the weather. I am also very thankful that I do not have to take Marvel out in the cold anymore, that was not fun. No more winter puppies in an apartment for me! I will get a summer puppy next year for sure!

Marvel's training has been going really good. We are mastering some harder commands such as back, side, heel, and under to get him ready to go out in public in 2 weeks. It is crazy to me that he is already 5 months old! Where does time go! He is a real sweetheart and a pleasure to have. He adjusts to any new situation and takes it in stride. I am also happy to report that we have had NO fear responses (as of yet). He is also adorable. I love the more labrador puppies! On the 6th of June we will be able to go to more public venues and explore the world. It will be a fun adventure! I also love his new Minions collar, too cute :)

Note: My puppy always looks depressed but I promise you he is actually happy.


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