Home Stretch

I am in the homestretch of this school year. We get out on the 30th of May which means only 9 more school days (Memorial Day is off). I have really love my first teaching experience and it has taught me a lot. I have learned about the importance of making connections with students and how important discipline is in the classroom. Most importantly I have learned to just keep persevering and trying new things until you find the thing that works! I will miss my 17 students and I'm sure they will miss Marvel. They all seem to love it, even the ones who just sneak a pet occasionally.

Two weeks ago I graduated from college! It was such an exciting and day and very cool to be back at college again. I have worn the cap and gown, walked across the stage, and am the owner of a diploma. I am a college graduate. Let the festivities begin :) 

In other news, Marvel and I went to a job interview and we got the job! We will be working at a high school non-traditional school and I am really excited. I'm excited for the job and the fact that Marvel can come! God is so Good! 

Lastly, an update on Marvel. Marvel is now 35 pounds and 4.5 months old. He is learning more everyday and is becoming a pretty awesome dog. I can say with considerable confidence that at this current time he is the best Canine Companions puppy I have had to date. He rides in the car perfectly, does not pull, is not distracted, entertains himself, is quiet in the crate and relaxes wherever he goes. His commands are coming along nicely. We are currently practicing sit, down, heel, side, roll, shake, drop, hurry, wait/ok, no, and kennel. I have a pretty smart dog on my hands although lazy as can be! He is a great buddy and a pleasure to have :)


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