I'm a real teacher.

I made it through my first week as a real teacher. I have no one supervising me and they are Mrs. Dodge's class. It is a crazy feeling. Parent come and talk to me about their children and I'm responsible for their education. It honestly blows my mind. The kids have been great to teach. I have loved the opportunity to teach bible and be able to integrate faith into lessons. 

Last weekend was Easter and Nolan and I went to see family. It was a great time to see everyone and celebrate. Everyone loved Mr. Marvel as well, especially Butler! 

I am thankful for a weekend to recharge for my 2nd full week. It is a lot of work but I love it a lot :) oh! And Marvel weighed in at 27 pounds last Friday! He is getting big :)


  1. Ah so exciting! Can't wait for the day I have my own class myself! And. THAT FACE AHHHH. Marvel is adorable. Of course. :)


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