Valentines Day!

Last Friday was valentines day. We did nothing special but I learned a valuable lesson. The Lord showed me that it is the little things in life that happen everyday that show real love. My husband treats me so well everyday and I am very grateful. On this valentines day he did some extra special things. Nolan packed my lunch, gave me a chocolate bar and packed a cute note :) It was all little things that meant so much. When he got home I also got a beautiful flower. I did not expect it at all. :) This valentines day taught me that real love is shown everyday in the little things we do for each other. Love is scraping off your wife's car every morning and shoveling the never ending snow. It is taking MANY trips to the car to bring more of he stuff into the apartment. Love is understanding and adopting the passions of your spouse and pursuing them together in the form of a little, time consuming puppy. Although candy, fancy dinners, and flowers are great they are not the best example of love.

I love my husband so much :)


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