It has been a long time since an update but I decided it was definitely time to get one up! On January 3rd 2014 Nolan and I got married! It was a beautiful ceremony and I cannot wait to get some pictures up here of everything. With the help of an amazing florist, wonderful friends, and my awesome family helping out the ceremony and reception were beautiful! I could not have asked for anything better. I cannot begin to express my thanks to all the people who helped to make the day so special.

The ceremony was wonderful and I am pretty sure that I cried through the entire thing. I was just amazed that I was getting married to such an amazing man. We did a missions statement and handwritten vows and that aspect of the ceremony was so special to me. The reception was wonderful and such a fun time. It was great to dance, talk, and ride the carousel all evening with friends and family. Marriage life has been treating me wonderfully and I am so appreciative for all the gifts and advice Nolan and I received to help start our marriage off on the right foot.

Thank you to everyone :)


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