wedding part 1.

January 3rd will forever be a day etched into my memory. It was a marvelous day spent with friends and family. The day flew by and it is even hard now to remember exactly what happened. I'm so thankful for all the photos I have of the day :)

The girls and I got to the snowy church at 11am to start getting ready.

My best friend's mom, aka my 2nd mom made me these wonderful shoes. I love the little details.

I could not wait to put this dress on and I wish I could wear it everyday. It was marvelous and I absolutely loved it.

I went with the old tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Below the necklace and bracelet are my "something borrowed". They belong to my mother :) My "something new" is the earrings, a gift from my grandmother.

My "something blue" is a small ribbon that was sewn into my mothers dress and then we sewed it into mine :)

Next it was time to get ready. The girls and I got ready at the church and we all looked amazing :)

Karli- Freshman roommate in Shupe, first married friend :)

Taylor- My best pal sophomore and junior year. We had so many adventures together :)

Sarah- You have been an amazing friend this past year. Our dance parties and late night chats were AMAZING!

Marcie- My lifelong friend :) We have been friends since we were 2 and we will be friends until we are in rocking chairs. So many hours were spent outside riding bikes, playing with our invisible animals and helping the world. We were awesome kids.

Nicole you did an amazing job on my makeup. I loved you being here for my wedding :) Marie, you did a phenomenal job on my makeup and hair. I cannot imagine better looking hair and makeup on my wedding day :)

Getting lunch with my wonderful brother on my wedding day. I love you so much Patrick :)

AMAZING people from church brought in tons of food for us to eat on the wedding day. It was so very sweet :)

My groom is getting ready :) During this time I am adding the finishing touches and SO incredibly excited!

COMING SOON: first look, wedding party photos :)


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