I have been awaiting the day I got to post this ever since I dropped Butler off at CCI to continue his training. It has been a long wait with three and a half years spent at Bethel College puppy-less, but I am happy to announce that my days without a CCI puppy are coming to an end. Yes, you heard me right. Madison Warren....I mean Dodge, will be getting a new CCI puppy when one becomes available. This time around I am thrilled because my wonderful husband (weird to say) will be doing it with me. We are both thrilled by the prospects of having a puppy around with the hopes that we will provide independence to a disabled individual. I wake up every morning now hoping it will be the day when I get an email with a puppy name, breed, gender, anything really. I am practicing patience though. Through my time of practicing patience I have been puppy proofing our apartment, hanging up a hook for puppy leash, a cape, and a gentle leader, and figuring out the best location for a toy box. I'm not sure I can wait much longer! Patience Madison, patience.


  1. YEAH! Can't wait for the day that happens for me! :) Will you be teaching and puppyraising at the same time? If so you'll have to tell us how you do it! ;)

  2. How exciting! I am a puppy raiser for GDB & am in the same situation. I haven't been able to raise for 8 years, but am finally going to be getting another pup to raise in April! Plus, my little family will be a part of it this time. Good luck with your new puppy.


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