next chapter.

One week ago today I moved out of college for the last time. My grades are in and my application for a teaching license has been submitted. My college career has ended and it is bittersweet. I feel sad it has ended but excited for what the future holds. I have made some good friends at Bethel and for that I am very thankful. God blessed me with good friends and a great man who I am marrying in 15 days. I have learned a lot about myself and Christians while at Bethel and changed significantly over those 3.5 years.

I cannot believe that Christmas is in 6 days! It has come up so quickly! I have so much to do for Christmas and the wedding and it all feels so quick in coming. I have already moved some of my stuff to Nolan's apartment and that was a weird thing to do! I cannot believe I am at that point in my life. I am moving out from my home and getting married! Ahhh! It is truly crazy! I cannot wait to start my life with Nolan. God has blessed us so much and I look forward to the future that is ahead of Nolan & I.


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