student teaching.

I have completed three weeks of my student teaching placement and I could not be more excited to continue my time in my lovable classroom. The kids are so amazing and I adore spending my days with them. I have 20 kids in my classroom and I love all of their different personalities and characters. Some are so goofy while others are so serious. It has made me so very excited to begin teaching my own class. I'm praying so hard that in January I will get a job close to my new home and be able to love some kids in such a cute town. I have 12 more weeks of student teaching and I am going to learn so much and I feel comfortable and excited to do it. There is nothing I would rather be doing than teaching. I cannot wait to enjoy these next few weeks. I am doing very well at planning my lessons and I already have all my lessons for next week prepared!

Bring it on student teaching. 84 days of student teaching left and 120 days until I get to marry my best friend. Life is very good.


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