my dream.

I have a dream that is bold and quite horrifying. My entire life I have felt called to move to Benton Harbor, MI and begin a ministry in this town. I want to invest my life in the city and buy a house and raise my children there. There are so many children and so much poverty in Benton Harbor and through research I've done there is no current program geared towards children in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The goal is to use the Inner City Impact model and begin something there. I so badly want to reach this town with the gospel and further Christ's name among the youth. Nolan and I would move there tomorrow and get started if we could, but God has us in Wolcott for now.

I know that starting something like this would be hard and scary, but if I have the LORD with me and it is within his will I know it can be accomplished. We would love to be looking into buying a home in the heart of the city in less than 5 years. It would bring such amazing things to our lives and follows our one goal to not live and wasted life and to live radically for the LORD.

Please pray that over the next few years we would financially get to a place where we could do this, grow more in our faith so that this could be accomplished, and be given the boldness and faith to follow the LORD's calling no matter the price.


  1. Come NOW!!! We want you back. This dream of yours is AWESOME!!! Don't ever give up on it. And come back now. Seriously though we long to see the communities of BH, St. Joe, and Stevensville come together and we need more people like you all. Don't give up on this dream.


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