my mission.

I have been at Bethel College for three years now and as I looked back I realized how much I failed to meet people. Although I often blamed this on others, now as I look back I realize I played a part in it as well. I do not know how I thought others would always reach out to me, I needed to reach out to others. Due to this realization my awesome roommate and I have made it our mission to intentionally join clubs, participate in activities, and seek people out to hang out with. We have found that focusing on this everyday makes it easier to accomplish. Today I would say that we succeeded. Today we invited a freshman to sit with us at breakfast, talked with an old lady while longboarding/roller blading, and met two freshman who we found while searching for people to play basketball with us. Tomorrow we will be bringing three girls with us to church. I honestly feel like God is teaching me so much and providing for me in amazing ways. I hope that even as I get busy with everything else that I will still focus on building community within my campus.

This is my look today. I'm rocking the crew neck & flat bill combo! Representing Chicago with my BEARS hat & BULLS lanyard.


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