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My time in the windy city is coming to a conclusion in just a few short days. I appreciate all the prayer while I have been here and I know that God has blessed my ministry. The experiences I have had here with Inner City Impact have changed my outlook on so many things and will stay with me for many years to come. Last week we took 80 kids to Inner City Impact camp in Cassopolis, MI and it was an amazing week. We sang silly songs, made cheers, raced to the meal lines, went tubing, fished, tie dyed shirt, and swam in a frigid lake. Most importantly though was the way that God worked in these kids lives and it was a great thing to witness. I had eight girls in my cabin and the questions they asked and the things they grasped were amazing. Over the week we talked about hearing the voice of God and deciphering the voice of Satan and the girls in my cabin seemed to really get it. Over the course of the week we had some ICI kids come to know the Lord, some began to search, and some ICI kids grow more in their existing faith.
Last night during our weekly bible study I was asked what I wanted to take home after my 10 weeks in Chicago. When I get home I want to focus on the fact that it is not about changing an entire community, it is about changing the life of ONE person. The power of introducing one person to Christ and allowing Him to change their life is monumental. I need to focus on the people around me and let Christ show me who needs to hear the gospel. Sometimes I can get so caught up in the need for the entire world to hear the gospel that I forget it can start with one. I pray every day that God can show me that one that I need to impact and through that process the world can be reached for the gospel. I thank you all again and I look forward to how Christ will continue to work in my life after I leave Chicago. Please pray that this fire in my soul to spread the gospel will continue to burn strong and that my life will be a testament of Christ’s love, grace and redemption.


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