official update #1

This update was suppose to be out an entire month ago, but sadly I am not the best at getting things done, so in July, here it is!


Hello Friends & Family,
Greeting from Chicago! I am right across the lake and yet I feel worlds away. I hope this summer
has treated you and your families well and that you have gotten to enjoy the warm sun! Through
the provision of God I raised all my required support two whole weeks before my internship
started. I moved to Chicago on June 2nd and began my orientation. During that week I learned so
much about the inner city, evangelism, street safety, discipline and so much more. It was a great
training for this summer of ministry but it also taught me a lot that I can utilize in my ministry
later on in my life. Following that week of orientation I began my normal weekday routine, if
you can call it normal. My weeks vary substantially but usually I have church at Good News
Bible Church, lunch with two ICI kids that I bring, and then a summer intern bible study on
Sunday. On Wednesday and Thursdays I help run the elementary school club. In club we teach
bible lessons, have a game time, snack, grafts, and time playing in the gym. I have gained a lot
more confidence in my abilities to teach bible and manage so many excited kids through clubs.
On Tuesdays I help out at the ICI camp that is run during this summer. This camp goes from 12-
5 and it meets 5 days a week. I only help at camp one day a week but I always enjoy the time
with new kids. The awesome part about these kids is that many times they are not from Christian
families and are going to ICI to be watched. This gives us a lot of opportunities to witness to
kids. In my free time on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I walk the streets of Logan
Square and visit kids. During these hours visiting I work on signing kids up for events such as
our Baraboo WI camping trip, Indiana Dunes camping trip, Magic Waters Water Park, six flags
and boat days. Another big job of mine is to sign up kids in grades 3-5 for summer camp at the
end of the summer. From July 29th-August 3rd we will be going to a camp in Michigan and
staying in cabins, swimming, doing crafts, playing games, hearing bible lessons and so much
more! The kids are going to have an amazing time and I know that God will touch some hearts
during that week. As I live in this new area and try to figure out my role at ICI for just 10 short
weeks I have been reminded of the theme this year: “Impact one life, family, community”. This
theme has been vital for me to remember because although I may not be leading hundreds of kids
to Christ I have been impacting the lives of a few kids. I have had the privilege to build a
relationship with two kids. These kids are great and I enjoy every day that I get to spend with
them, most of all though I love the impact I have been able to have on their life. I know that God
is working here through me and I pray that will continue through my few remaining weeks.
Please keep all these kids and their families in your prayers. I would also appreciate prayer for
ICI to find all the necessary camp staff, for many kids to sign up for camp, and that I will
continue to focus on allowing God to use me to impact one life, family, and community.
In Christ,
Madison Louise Warren


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