insight in gangs.

Before coming to Chicago I knew absolutely nothing about gangs. I knew there were many in Chicago and people got killed but I did not understand them. I did not get why people joined gangs, what their goal was, and why people had to die. I learned a little bit more about this through reading the book, "My Bloody Life: The Making of a Latin King". This book is exceptional and taught me a lot about why so many young kids join gangs. The book is written by an ex-Latin King who grew up and gangbanged years ago on the same streets I walk daily. It was so eye opening to hear his story, that was an incredibly graphic one. He got caught up in drugs, alcohol, and sex before his 13th birthday. It was shocking to say the least. It really opened my eyes to the pressure and the future that is awaiting so many inner city youth today. What I read about in the book is not happening like that in Logan Square but if you go to the south side of Chicago it is a sad scene. I wish that more could be done, but it is a buissness that is thriving and it will take more than cops to change it. It is the communities that need to change, here is a quote from the book: "After all these years the only solutions we offered are to increase the size of the police force and to form committees to assign committees to watch over the committees. Gang-infested communities are still looking for officials to rescue them from their own children. I think it's time we take responsibility for our own neighborhoods and put a stop to the crying. If we don't do something to change the law of revenge the gangs live by, the killing will never stop." I pray daily these kids I work with will stay out of gangs.


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