Orientation is (finally) over.

Now that orientation is officially over I should have more time to blog. I enjoyed my ici orientation a lot but I am very thankful that it is over because I really want to start visiting kids. I shall return back to my orientation week to tell some stories about my time. On Thursday morning all the new ici staff along with some experience staff went camping to prepare us for the week we take students camping.

[We actually stopped at the Chick fil a by my college!]

During this time I learned how to start a fire and put up a tent. There was also a few more lessons that I learned about discipline. We were getting done with an activity when BJ, the head person, assigned all the new staff to the role as leaders and all the experienced folks to the role of kids. They did not act like just any kids though, they based their characters on the students in ici who struggle most with behavior. It was pure insanity! There were students stealing the food, lighting random fires around the campsite, starting fights, running off, spraying catsup on everyone, and throwing hatchets at trees. With so many misbehaving students we just could not control it. I was very thankful that the "activity" came to an end eventually because I was worn out! I learned some valuable lessons though about expectations, planning, and building relationships with students before having to discipline them.

After waking up to my tent collapsing because some boys removed the poles we loaded up all of our stuff and carried it back to the van and headed home. Once we got back we had some more sessions and then I had the evening to enjoy and rest up before the huge adventure tomorrow!

At 10 o'clock Saturday morning out scavenger hunt began! ici wants their interns to learn their city so we did a scavenger hunt in the two ici locations: Cicero and Logan Square. We had to go to a ton of locations in both locations and then meet downtown, causing us to also learn how to take the L, a public transportation train. I learned so much about these two areas and can get around a lot better. I'm so thankful that we did this activity. Once we all met downtown we went to Portillos. I got some yummy food and then we headed to the jazz festival and to see the Navy Pier fireworks. We then headed back to Chicago and went to bed. I was so exhausted after having walked over 10 miles!

[Some photos of the scavenger hunt!]

Yesterday I visited my church for the summer and had a BBQ afterwards. I had a really great time and I got to see my dad and Nolan afterwards. It was great to see them and they brought me some stuff, like my backpack, that will make camping on Friday a more enjoyable experience! I finished my day with a delicious dinner made by an ici staff's wife. We had a nice time and their family is great! The kids are just plain adorable.

Today is Monday, which means it is my day off! My mom is coming up for the day so I will get to use my L skills today by taking the train. Tomorrow I get to go do visits for the first time which I am really excited about! It will be a great week, I cannot wait! 

I'm finally official! Rocking my ICI shirt and reading to hang out with some kids :) 


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