Orientation Day 2

Today was day 2 if orientation and I have learned a lot. Today started out great because I long boarded to work. Although the side walk is very bumpy I had a good trip. Today there was breakfast and some awesome worship before the sessions started. The sessions today covered evangelism, the importance of time with God and some street safety tips. I then got my list of kids that I'm suppose to visit this summer, it was very exciting! 

Tonight I long boarded to a church a few blocks down in a neighborhood called Humboldt Park. At church I got to pour out to God an experience his power again. It was an awesome time because I needed to see God's power. I'm definitely going I really start focusing on prayer. I encourage you too as well. There is so much hurt in the world, it could use a little extra prayer! 

1. My roommate and I went to get a movie and this one was our last choice so we took a photo with it. 
2. I ate some real Mexican food today at Lazo's.
3. I got a yummy steak burrito
4. My longboard after the trip to work. Epic, right?
5. There is so much cool artwork on buildings in Chicago. This is one example in Logan Square! 


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