ferris wheel.

One week ago today I am pretty sure that Ferris wheels became my favorite ride. Last Friday my sweet boyfriend came to Chicago to hang out with me. I took the train from Logan Square, he took the train from Michigan and we met at Millenium Station. Once we found each other, we decided to visit the new chick-fil-a! We both enjoyed some chicken, lemonade and fries before heading back out. In true Chicago fashion we saw the bean and then went and listened to some classical music. It was a fun time just relaxing on the grass. Since I had never ridden a Ferris wheel, Nolan and I decided to head to Navy Pier. Like almost always, I managed to get us lost, thankfully in a beautiful neighborhood. We finally got to Navy Pier and got our tickets! We hopped on and began the slow incline. When we had reached nearly the top the Chicago skyline stretched out in front of me and the lights from the buildings glowed beautifully. At this point Nolan began talking about how much he loves me and then asked me if he could pray for us. He held my hands and whispered a sweet prayer to our Lord. As I opened my eyes there he was on bended knee. His next words were predictable: "Madison, will you marry me?" I of course said yes and then he put a beautiful ring on my finger. Then I received a very special thing: my first kiss, on a Ferris wheel, to the man I will marry. It was marvelous! I now have a pretty ring for my finger, a wedding to plan and a man to love who will become my husband soon, January 3rd to be exact :)


  1. AHHH you're engaged! Ahhh! Congrats! You guys are adorable together. Blessings!! :)


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