Camp, Club, Creamed Ice!

Life is really good working at Inner City Impact. The kids are very funny and incredibly cute; they are a pleasure to be around. I could not be happier to spend my days with them. This past week we began day camp and my first day of helping is tomorrow. It sounds like a really fun time! This week on Wednesday and Thursday I ran games and it went okay. They all struggle to listen, they like to run around like crazy people and yell, it really is something. I tried a few things and now I have some new ideas and tips for handling them. At ICI we do visitations , which is essentially when staff go and see kids at their houses. I have done a lot of those this week and got 3 kids signed up for our kindergarten through 2nd grade camping trip. It will be a really fun time. On Saturday Nolan and I took two kids to get ice cream. They got the choice and they chose McDonalds! We had such a fun time and these kids are so funny! I enjoy them so much :) :) I thank God so much for leading me here. :)


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