Puerto Rican Cuisine!

Today was my first day of orientation and it was great. I woke up early without my alarm going off which is always nice! I got all ready and walked over to the ICI building! Every time I walk outside I am surprised to see the city. I know I live here but I always seem to forget! Anyway, I headed over to ICI and we had breakfast and an ice breaker game. We played I have never and we had to give facts about ourselves for the number of m&ms we grabbed. Knowing me, I'm sure you guys are not surprised to know I took a lot of them! 

After the breakfast and ice breaker we headed upstairs and had a worship and short message. This is chapel and we will have it every Wednesday during the summer. The theme for this summer is IMPACT ONE. We need to impact one life, one family, one community. It is such a cool idea because I think that sometimes we can get stuck in the size of the problem instead of realizing that every life we change will go on and change another. It was a really cool time. 

We then had various other training lessons from about 11 til 4. There was a nice break at 12 though because we had some very yummy Puerto Rican food. It was so good, they even had the Mexican pop. Besides the fact that I spilled it on my sweatshirt it was yummy! 

After all the training was over, I managed to find my way back home so I could go to the grocery store. My roommate Meredith and I went to Aldis and got lots of food for cheap. For dinner I went to my supervisors house and he and his wife made me dinner. It was delicious and very fun! I ended my night with a little chiddy chiddy bang bang and it was great. A fun night, I'm excited for all the new things that are coming my way tomorrow :)


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