"Deny Him"

I heard the song "Deny Him" by Lyrycyst. There is so much truth in this song.

Turn your lights on real quick, take a breath of fresh air
Put your feet in brand new kicks, buy the most expensive pair
Now doesn't it sound great, now doesn't it sound fair
Oh it's how life should be, every day without a care
Now get in your car real quick and drive to the nearest business district
You've seen it a million times but I bet this time you've probably missed it
There's people that need your help that are down on luck, but truly gifted
Can you spare some change for food, but you tell them no while claiming you're christian
Ya'll sit and watch Cribs every day, talk about these stars and their pay
But when a needs right in our face, we just keep walkin' away
Do we dare just keep what we got, walk on the with life on our blocks
Don't take a little second to stop and see where the focus is dropped
'cause it's our life man, we get one chance to make it
So those in tuned to this stereo here's your chance to take it
I wanna do something good, something worth it, something true
Take some time to erase the blue, it starts with two, me and you

We make all sorts of excuses and stay so far and exclusive
We say they'll clutch and abuse it, use it on drugs or they'll lose it
But keep in mind these are people we never invite in our steeples
We need to fight off this sinning that keeps our mind from all giving
I want to be near it now, joy of God, do you hear it now
Who am I to ignore the sound of people screaming crying out
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I want to give it all, because my God gave to me first
And when I hear that call, I'll know that God's taken my dirt
Away from me and not by actions, but by grace and love
Just give 'em something man, if not the money at least a hug
How can we see them in the gutter drinking rain water
Not feel compassion even though we're from the same Father
We lock the doors to our cars when we pull up beside 'em
We cross the street when we seem 'em instead of just passing by 'em
We turn the cheek on our brothers, why don't we speak to our brothers
It's time to change, I'm gonna be different, time to eat with our brothers

We build a church on every street you see across the nation
And every week we give our money and feel that good sensation
But then we turn and try to show off to the whole community
'cause bigger buildings and more members takes the place of unity
Meanwhile there's somebody starving on this side of town
While we cook massive meals for every congregation crowd
And then we wonder why we don't see changes in our neighbors
America's dying 'cause we won't get out and feed the strangers
Do really think this Jesus stuff is going to have an impact
To someone begging for a nickel just to get his kids back
You can't expect salvation just because you came to speak
When he's tuned out 'cause he's more focused on just trying to eat
As christians we got things mixed up and now it's time to fix it
We need to stop just talking, maybe show some actions with, get it back on the Its time to get us running back on this track
And I'm a try to feed the world before my God comes back

Look into his eyes and
Tell him that he's dyin'
'cause nobody is tryin'
Nobody's beside him
I can see him cryin'
But he's still survivin'
Why do you deny him
Why do you deny him


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