Day 2 & Day 3

Saturday morning arrived and I looked outside and realized that there was sun, which meant I got to longboard. I grabbed my helmet, longboard, and Ipod and headed out into the Florida sun. I decided just to go as far as I wanted. I ended up long boarding for almost two hours and after mapping it out I found out I went 9.5 miles! I went so far that my pushing foot got tired and so I taught myself how to ride my longboard the other way. It was an awesome time and I now have some really sore calves. Later that night we went to dinner at grandma's house and tried to swim but the pool was way too cold.

Yesterday was a relaxing time. We went to church and then went and I got my sunglasses fixed! I'm so happy to have a pair of sunglasses with two arms. Later that night I went long boarding a bit more and then watched the movie "Stranger Than Fiction".

Today will include some mini golf, swimming, long boarding, and probably some reading.

Here are some photos from Grandma's house :)


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