Oregon: Week 3 & 4

I have finally gotten all my photos uploaded and can do a post about Mr. Oregon. Well just in case any of you have forgotten who Oregon is or are new to my blog here is a little info about Oregon. Oregon is a lab golden cross who is in training for Canine Companions for Independence. He is 6 months old and has been coming to work with me since late May. His full-time puppy raiser is Dee and I am just a privledged college student, currently retired puppy raiser who is allowed to borrow him on occasion. Introduction over.

Anyway, Oregon has been doing great at work. I have found that he is one of the laziest puppies ever though. He pretty much just wants to sleep the entire day at work, and he usually needs some encouragement to even get up because he just loves sleeping or something. Once up though he is a very bouncy, happy puppy. It has been fun getting to see him grow up and he is such a snuggle bug, which makes him fun to be around. It is really funny because at work if I try to play fetch with him and I sit on the floor he will stare at the toy, but then just run over and sit with me. It’s quite amusing and cute. He is just a fun puppy in general.


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