Oh Summer...

Summer is certainly a time unlike any other. It seems to be the all time shortest season of the four. I think it only feels short because it is so dramatically different from the other seasons; you've got no school, jobs, and warm weather. I cannot believe that my summer break is almost over. Today I'm at work with Oregon and thankfully only have a little bit left. I've definitly had a very busy summer. Most of the time the buisiness doesn't bother me, but today I feel exausted.
This past week was the first week of Adventure Camp. At the camp I work at, we have 3 weeks of our normal day camp (1st-4th grade), 2 weeks of adventure camp (5th-6th grade), and then 1 week of high adventure camp (7th-8th grade). It's been fun being at the camp. I really enjoyed the younger camp because I taught nature and got to know all of the campers; it was a really fun time. During adventure camp and high adventure camp I am more of a floater. I do odd jobs around camp, set out and clean up lunch, and then belay at our Tall Trees (similar to a climbing wall). Tall Trees is certaily my favorite part of the day!

I've also been filling my time at work with reading and listening to sermons. If I want to listen to a sermon I've been downloading the Podcasts from Substance Church (Pastor Peter Haas). They are really God and have been very applicable to my life. I also have read a few books and have more on my list to finish before school starts. I have finished reading: "Dont's Waste Your Life", "Heroes and Monsters", "Wrestling Prayer", and "Crazy Love". I am currently in the process of reading "The Bravehearted Gospel" and loving it! It's been a good summer, all I want to do tonight is sleep though.

Upcoming Post Topics: (1) What God has been doing in my life, (2) and some camper stories.

In Christ,


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