puppy play date.

After work a few weeks back I brought Oregon over to play with Butler. The boys had fun and they certainly enjoy playing with each other. It was fun and I was happy to get some new pictures for the blog. They are such fun pups and I love watching them play. Oregon is getting big as seen in the photos.


  1. Okay, I know I said one comment for the year, but I just have to say your boys are very handsome. Nice shots. :)

  2. Hey Madison!

    It's your long lost CCI buddy here, Maddie. I raised Tyanna - she graduated as a SC way back in 2009 - and you helped transport her back from CCI when she was out of heat and you picked up your boy Andros!

    I was thinking of Ty today and wanted to see if your blog was still up...glad to see you're still involved with CCI. I just graduated in May and am quite anxious to get another puppy. I do have to wait some time though...have to focus on finding a job first!

    I hope everything is going well. Give your pups a belly rub for me!

    - Maddie


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