my first black puppy.

I certainly was not this sad when Titus left, Teva was definitely my first college puppy that I sincerely loved and felt was my own. I had him so much over the past year that I feel like I co-raised him. We did so much over the summer and then had fun over the fall, winter, and spring when I was home. He is a real sweetie and I love him. I'm gonna miss him. Thankfully I am going to turn in on Friday and I'm pretty excited. I have not gone to one in about 2 years and it makes me happy that I'll get to turn Teva in with Dee. Enjoy the photos, he truly is a sweetheart who is one of my favorite pups :)

[My Silly boy]

[Teva helping me unpack after May Term]

[Dr. Teva, while playing with Ella]

[Vacation Bible School]

[The cutie who is finally tired after playing with Butler]


[I was pretty proud: 1st place in our class and 2nd place overall, with my 10 month old pup]

[Barnes & Noble]

[AWANA-Hawaiian Night]

[Turkey Handout]

[1st ride on the carousel]

[Rides to the library]

[My study buddy]

[Having fun at the field: I love the expression on his face]


  1. Good luck to Teva! I'll be thinking about you all this weekend.


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