"Leave Nothing But Footsteps, Take Nothing But Memories"

A few weeks ago, before May Term began, my mom, grandma, John, and I went to Colorado for a little vacation similar to what we did last year about this time. We had tons of fun. Our time was spent with some hangout/game time, Sweet Cow ice cream, walks in open space, and to finish it off, an Epic Adventure. On this adventure we went on a hike and had a blast. I felt super epic because I had legit trail mix from Whole Foods. It was awesome. Here are just some of the photos, John has more but these are the ones from the iPhone.

[John & I...Obviously]

[An awesome waterfall]

[John and my new home!...just kidding that place was totally run down...plus we are not married haha]

[Zack, Connor, John and I in downtown Boulder]

[Isn't he intense?]

[Aren't I intense?]

[I'm John's personal camera gear pack mule...just kidding..kinda]

[Vicki and I at the halfway point of out Epic Adventure]

Keep watching. Epic Adventure post #2 will be coming sometime.


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