oh tuesdays.

everyone always says that monday is the worst day of the week, wrong. tuesdays are certainly the worst day. i'm not completely sure why, but it just seems like it is a horrible day. there are several factors that lead to the horrible-ness of the day, and i will describe them to you. i think tuesdays are horrible because monday night are horrible. i always seem to end up staying up late on monday nights because i spent my whole weekend doing monday homework or my philosophy prof assigns something at the last minute, aka sunday night, that is due on tuesday. i think that tuesday is also horrible days because i have three classes that start early and seem to go on and on. this is due to the fact that mwf classes meet for 50 minutes, while tr classes are an hour and a half. it is just really annoying. also on tuesday there is this feeling that the week is never going to end. the only thing that could make a tuesday worse is the end of the semester. oh, imagine that, it is the end of the semester. overall it really is not that bad of a day, it just never seems to end. i'm thankful for it anyway, i'm a bit stressed but still overall a happy person.

today john and i went to the mall. sat and waited for apple to help us with an ipad, sat and waited for the ipad to sync, chatted with an apple person, and then shared a pretzel. it was a nice study break. now i am at the library, and it seems like everyone and their brother is here. you can definitely tell when it is almost the end of the semester by how busy the library is.

thankfully tomorrow is wednesday, which is usually a pretty good day. if only tuesday would get its act together and be more like friday :)

now to finish off this post, enjoy this adorable photo of me with my college CCI pups :)


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