Spring Break 2012

[Grandma's Pool]
[Our house...Isn't it utterly adorable]

My spring break ends tomorrow. I'm pretty sad but also excited to get back and start the second half of the semester. The only problem with this half is that pretty much all my big projects are due soon. So exciting, right?

So I've been in Florida since last Friday and I've had lots of fun. We spend our time rotating between a handful of things. I've enjoyed the beach walks, the water has been very clear and sometimes I see fish, and one time I say 5 or more dolphins. It was awesome. The weather has been really nice, its been roughly 80 everyday. We have also played 1.5 games of mini golf, the .5 is because raccoons invaded the golf course so we left. Swimming with Patrick and my mom has been fun. One big thing I've enjoyed is making dinner with my family and sitting on the porch and eating under the stars. We played games, watched movies, and I did a tad bit of homework. (1 Paper, 2 Book Reports, 2 books read, 1 philosophy paper drafted, 5 pages of my grammar workbook, and a super boring education book is in progress) I've also been getting in shape over break. Every morning I get up a little earlier than I normally would on vacation and I run 1-2 miles. It's been closer to 1 mile than 2 because I'm sore. My mom, Pat, and I did some shopping and I got some cute clothes. Overall it's been a great break. There are a few more things coming up today but my flight leaves tomorrow at 1:50. I'm sad to leave, but I can't wait to be back and see John.

I'm off to breakfast with my bro Jon.

As Always,

[Dinner on the Porch]
[Patrick and I at The Island Cow]
[Grandpa, Patrick, My Dad, and I]


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