How to be the best girlfriend in 10 easy steps.

Step 1: Find out boyfriend's favorite flavor of milkshake.
Step 2: Find out the number of people he is studying with.
Step 3: Find out their favorite flavor of milkshake.
Step 4: Recruit a friend to go to steak and shake.
Step 5: Drive to Steak and Shake.
Step 6: Order way too many milkshakes and look like a total pig.
Step 7: Get back to school and carry many milkshakes into the library.
Step 8: Hand out the milkshakes to the stressed engineering students.
Step 9: Enjoy their sheer excitement and appreciation.
Step 10: Head back to the dorm to sleep, study, and pray hard for those poor, studying boys.

Voila, that is how you be an awesome girlfriend.


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