Goodbye Warmth...

...Hello cold!
My wonderful spring break trip to Florida sadly came to a stop. I had to go back to my dreary life as a college student once again. It was a fun trip and I was especially thankful that I got to spend that last Saturday with my whole family, Jon included. We had breakfast, went swimming, and just all spent time together. Dinner at grandma's was delicious and I enjoyed a wonderful late night swim with Patrick.

I encountered a new and grand adventure the following morning. I was going to be dropped off at the airport, fly to the nearest major airport, and then take a bus closer to school. It was a new adventure and I was somewhat nervous. It all worked out great though. I made it everywhere on time and actually had a pretty enjoyable time. I read, watched movies, and edited some papers. After 9 hrs traveling I saw John waiting to pick me up and was so happy to be done. I spent the rest of my evening relaxing and enjoying my last feeling of break before the week began again. It was a great spring break: really great.


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