four-legged college visit.

today was just a plain old good day. there are a few reasons but the biggest one is that i had a visitor. the first thing that made today great was that my 8 o'clock class was cancelled. this means that i got to sleep in about an hour later, which was really nice. the next awesome part of my day was my multicultural literature class. we had some great discussions in class about the book "The Storyteller." the next awesome part of my day was chapel. we talked all about cycles and letting God break the cycles. the next awesome part of my day was getting to register for classes. for some reason i just love getting to "plan" my life for next semester. it makes the fact that the semester is almost over much more real. my all-time favorite part of the day was my little visitor. my mom decided to come up to bring me some stuff and decided to bring Oregon. if you do not remember Oregon he is Dee's adorable puppy. anyway my mom brought Oregon to visit me at school and it was absolutely awesome. my friends and I really enjoyed to get a puppy fix and pet and hold the cutie. he is so calm and sweet. i just love to cuddle up with him. he totally made me wish i had a puppy. i appreciated my mom bringing him up and i cannot wait to see him again over Easter. i'm definitely going to have to pick up Teva-beva though when i'm home because he is my baby. i cannot wait for Easter. i'm just excited to be done with school (especially standard english and grammar) and getting to do some fun things with my life. i'm sure you guys would love to see some photos, correct? so enjoy the pictures of this cutie.

i'm off to do some homework.


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