It have almost survived my first week of Ambush. You are probably asking, "what on earth is ambush?", and I am going to tell you. Ambush is a campus wide event where every person playing receives 1 small squirt gun and a name. It is then your goal to squirt your target, while also trying to dodge someone else getting you. It is quite the adventure. The trick is that you cannot squirt inside and if they squirt you first then you get a 1 hour delay until you can squirt them again. I got my 1st person yesterday, and I have a plan for my 2nd target. There is gonna be a stakeout tonight :)

Anyway I was quite crafty when I got my 1st target yesterday. I knew that she got out of class at 11:50 and then went to the Dining Commons so I hid. The lucky thing is that you have to walk right past the library. So I hid out in the library and then when I saw her I dashed out and ambushed her. It was intense and I was so proud of myself.

Tonights the night. I am going to get her. The upside, she will be tired from an 8 hour shift at the hospital. Downside, I gotta stay up til midnight.

It'll be fun though, I got some friends and we are going to stakeout in the car. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.


****EDIT: AS OF 1:35pm I got my ambush, and now have a new one. I'm so pumped!! It required me wasting 20 minutes sitting in a kitchen but it was worth it.*****
[I am trapped in the AMBUSH craze. The paranoia has begun. Everyone is to be treated as an enemy]


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