sunday morning news.

First up, On Friday February 3rd I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed from my mouth. It did not go exactly as I expected but it was fine. Friday I took some medicine but felt great. Saturday I took less medicine and felt ok. Today I'm not feeling so great. I've been icing and taking medicine but my cheeks feel swollen and my gums hurt. Not a big fan. Thankfully my family and John have been taking great care of me. Bring me and making me food, and icing my face for me. So sweet :) I have a test tomorrow and so I'm hoping I can get some major studying done before 8am Monday. I am currently sitting in my bed with ice on my cheeks debating whether I want to go to church or watch church online. Both viable options. We'll see.

Secondly, I went and got Teva yesterday. My mom and I took Butler and Teva to play. Both dogs seem to thoroughly love their play dates and they are hilarious to watch. Both dogs are so silly and play just like each other. Those CCI dogs all play the same. Anyway we had fun and I just love having him. We dropped him off after a quick trip downtown to get me some soup :) (that I then proceeded to eat and swallow whole anything remotely hard and not souplike)

Thirdly, Taylor, John, and I won the play dough contest and school. We are now the proud owners of $30 of campus money. What will we be doing now that we won? Well going to Disneywo....I mean the Italian restaurant right across the street. Considering this campus money only works at 2 places, Italian it is!

Lastly, this morning I am eating some cream of wheat. It shall be delicious :)


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