Sun, Sand, & Standard English and Grammar.

Doesn't that title just sound great and horrible all at the same time? Yes, I agree. So spring break begins in approximately 3 days, if you can call it a break. My professors obviously do not believe in breaks considering they all assigned homework, gotta love that....not. So I shall have sun, sand, pools, ice cream, shopping, eating, the ocean, and a bunch of school. My computer, books, and I shall be awesome friends over break. Yippee. But do not fret faithful blog readers, there are some things I am quite excited about.

1. Hanging with my family
2. Having warm weather
3. Walking on the beach
4. Having the time to run.
5. Eating Sanibel Crunch
6. Going shopping with my Grandma
7. Going swimmings
8. Going Kayaking
9. Hopefully seeing dolphins (fingers crossed)
10. and having a break from going to classes at least. I will have 17 more hours next week than I usually would. I'd say thats a success.

I shall miss... Mr. John. He is going to Misery...I mean Missouri for spring break this year to see friends. I'm sure he'll have fun though and I'm sure I'll survive without him.

So 3 days and counting. Let's hope I make it.


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