some cuties for you.

Hello All,
I honor of valentines day I thought I would post some adorable pictures of a *hopefully* new pup.

...before you get all excited, it isn't mine, it's Dee's pup. These cuties are from the "O" litter and they'll be shipping out in the middle of March. I'm pretty excited to meet the new rascal that I'll spend my summer with.

<3 Madison ps. The litter photo is the whole litter and the single pup photo is not necessarily Dee's pup, it is just a random photo of one of the pups. But I will say, I'm hoping for a black, female pup :)


  1. SOOOOO Cute! Do you know who the parents are???

    ~Elijah & Hobart II

    1. Branda II x WeissII/Lamont
      Born: 1/15/12


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