Puppy names?

Anyone wanna know the possible puppy names for this cute little "O" litter.

...Well I'm sure you do.

The parents for this litter are Branda II & Weiss II / Lamont. Branda is a yellow LGX (75% lab, 25% Golden), Lamont is full black lab, and Weiss is a full yellow lab. There are 4 males and 5 females. There are only 2 black pups (1M, 1F) and the rest are yellow. I'm not exactly sure which pups are boys and which are girls. Your guess is as good as mine!

1. Ohana II,
2. Olive V,
3. Oberon II (Boy?)(Lamont Pup)
4. Odyssey II (Boy?)(Lamont Pup)
5. Oro III (Boy?)
6. Oregon IV,
7. Oberto II (Boy?)
8. Orla III,
9. Odina II

The Guesses:
John: Orla
Madison: Ohana

Any more guesses???


  1. O's would a tough letter! I like Oregon, Oberon, and Oberto!

  2. Awesome names! There are no firsts, though. Dembre was a first (and I doubt there will be a second), but when there's an OBERTA II I start to wonder :P

  3. Oregon.........good football team.


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