Happy Birthday!

Today is a very special day. My 3rd pup, Mr. Butler, turned 3 years old! I cannot believe that he has gotten so old. It feels as though just yesterday I picked up my little golden boy from CCI. Butler was a great puppy and although he tries my patience at times, I really do love him. I just love how excited he is to see me and that goofy grin he gets on his face when he's excited. It's adorable to see how much he loves my mom, and my house is definitely the place for him. CCI did a great job with his placement ;) This little California GDB/CCI pup has turned out to be a great dog for my family. We love the fact that he likes to stick close to home (and people's feel lol) and he's a sweetie.

Happy Birthday Buddy. I'll be home again soon, and yes I will take you to play with your buddy Teva. :)

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[The birthday boy...and the other boy]


  1. I'd like to clarify that this was a commanded "up" on the dining room table. No bad manners for this boy!


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