First Love.

Everyone loves a good love favorite are those about Jesus :) We sang this one at church and I just love it so I thought I'd share it. Hope you all enjoy :)


I am empty, thirsty, weary
Comin back to you with empty hands
You are waiting for me, you fill me, gently
Bring me back to you, once again

You are, You are, my first love, Jesus
I come, I come just as I am

You are, You are, my first love, Jesus
Let me fall in love again

I am tired, broken, helpless
Callin out to with all my heart
You are right here with me, steady, faithful
Callin out to me with open arms

I am desperatre, needy, hopless
Holdin on to you for every breath
You will be my fortress, strength in weakness
Holdin on to me you give me rest




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