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Hello Blog People, I thought I would give you a nice recap of my life for the past few days. It's been fun and kinda crazy, but I love it. I finished all my classes for the semester and just have some finals left. This semester I have 5 finals and 1 project. Said project is done and being turn in today, with a breakfast date with Taylor to follow. I spent last weekend almost totally immersed in homework. Although this is true I did go to a basketball game with my brother, and another 2 with Taylor. I also attended midnight breakfast and laughed my head off with the hilarious costumes and some good blueberry pancakes. I sewed a fancy new sewing machine cover for my fancy new sewing machine. I did hours and hours of homework. I wrote a letter to a teacher thanking her for letting me tutor her students (I think SHE should be writing me a thank you card). I bought all my books and have them stuffed in my closet awaiting the time when they will be used. I sent a book to chegg that they then sent back to me because the publisher made a book where the back cover falls of and apparently that is considered "damaged". I have 1 project due today. 1.5 hrs of babysitting tomorrow, and 2 finals. Wednesday I have 2 finals. Thursday I have 1 final and an evening of babysitting. Friday I am headed home for Christmas. :)


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