Pups, Books, and Nooks

[Yes, indeed our dogs are under $5, in fact they are FREE!]

Last Saturday my mom and I headed to the local Barnes and Noble to do free gift wrapping and accepting donations for CCI. We stood in the check-out lines directing people toward the gift wrapping using the attention that puppies bring. We also managed to not only direct people over to the gift wrapping but also confuse people who thought we were in line. Yes people we have been in line for the past 4 hours. I arrived at around 1 and was greeted by a very very excited black pup named Teva. I then grabbed my boy and began working the crowd. I learned that I am really not a big fan of holding a can got people to put money in while directing them to the gift wrapping. Several hours into working Teva got very tired and was not a big fan of the public anymore, so he hid under the table. Thankfully there were other puppies to gain the audiences. We had 16 month old Tesla, 16 month old Neeves, 3 year old Facility dog Malia, Skilled Companion dog Roden, 12 week old Nance, and 3 month old King. The little ones gained the most attention from people (big surprise there). I worked there from 1-8:30 with a small break for dinner. Between Dee and I handling Teva he worked there for a little under 12 hours. He was one tired dog by the time we got home. So tired he just climbed into his crate and didn't want to play with Butler. It was crazy! It was a good day of puppies and gift wrapping and we managed to raise around $750 for CCI. Job well done.


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