Lets be green!

Yesterday at the DC I was still very hungry because there was nothing to eat for lunch so I wanted to grab some cereal on my way out. I had planned to just grab a plastic bowl and head out, but Taylor wouldn't le me. She didn't want me to be wasteful and kill the earth. So what is a girl to do? Obviously I just filled my hands with cereal. It is the perfect green alternative. I had to leave the milk, but hey, it's ok :). On our way out there was a guy advertising a sports medicine place and he had candy. He asked if we wanted any and we said sure, so he loaded Taylor's hands with candy. Taylor and I left with hands full of food and some good laughs.


  1. I got this great folding bowl from tubberware for just instances like this. :) I's easy to carry because it folds flat and has a lid. :D I use it when going to restaurants so I don't need to use their plastic take away things.

  2. I am passing along the Liebster award to you! I have really loved hearing about your miracles and enjoy reading your new posts!


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