Leis and Turkeys

On Wednesday I had Teva for the last time before Christmas. We had quite the exciting time with lots of fun things to do. The first event in our time together was AWANA. Since I was home I decided to go and help at church with AWANA. Teva and I came and we listened to verses and observed games and the lesson. We also helped to soothe the frustrations of a little girl with Autism. That night at AWANA was haiwian night and Teva was decked out in a lei and I was decked out in both a lei and grass skirt. It was a fun evening and I found out how much I really missed AWANA. Teva handled AWANA beautifully and was complimented for his great manners.

Following AWANA Teva and I headed to Grandma's house for a fun craft time. My grandma and I started cutting out felt to make my newest creation, which shall be revealed soon enough. While my grandma and I cut out many, many felt shapes Teva lounged around and slept on his handcrafted bed. Last that night Teva and I snuggled up in the spare bedroom and did not wake up until probably 10. It is quite amazing how patient Teva is, at home he gets up very early and yet will patiently wait for me to get up. After getting up Teva and I gathered our stuff and headed back to my home and had some Butler play time before the annual turkey handout.

Every Christmas my family's company hands out turkeys to the employees. My family and Teva headed out and wished the employees a merry Christmas. Teva did his part by looking sad and pathetic, thus getting pets from many people. Again, Teva was a good boy and received compliments on his good behavior. Teva also enthusiastically posed for photos next to the turkeys and with his santa hat and the employee's Christmas turkey vouchers. Isn't he adorable?

Merry Christmas Teva. :)


  1. Aww, love the pictures!
    A furry Merry Christmas to you :)



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